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  1. Yesterday
  2. That is exactly the way I would have done them.
  3. Yea first thing on the docket this morning is emptying the dust can once again. Emptied it Tuesday also but this should be the last time on this project.
  4. Care to apprentice in my shop on big projects? 😉
  5. Boring???? I think milling material down is the fun part! The plan is made already, milling is where you can see the process coming to life. Nothing more satisfying that seeing dust and woodchips going up the dust pipe.
  6. You had to have had your mojo going with that many pieces. Run all thru, flip them, run them thru, etc. . Certainly more work and almost as boring as watching glue dry, you’re making good headway!
  7. Thanks guys, appreciate the compliments. Speaking of tapered legs, I didn’t do any research but since there are 3 legs, front and back, are they tapered in the right direction. That’s actually the front of my work bench.
  8. That's certainly part of the hobby!
  9. Last week
  10. A bunch of boring hours later all the stiles and rails are the same thickness and width.
  11. Great job looks way better than the first pic. The tapers add to the piece just to let you know it’s not just a factory piece
  12. It came in the mail today. This is a big saw I’ve got a couple 12” saw so I didn’t think much about going to a 14”. Man this thing is huge holding it against my LN. I do have to say that it is very nimble for its size. With the few cuts I’ve made with it so far the extra length really helps it want to cut straight. Now cutting plumb is taking so getting use to the weight helps it fly thru the cut but the smallest grip pressure throws it off vertically. Luckily it’s to the waste side for me. The horns on the handle fit perfectly to my hand. The handle is thinner than me LN but the hump an middl
  13. Thats real nice Coop and way nicer then the one in the picture. That dresser behind it looks like you copied Kev's drawer front design. 😃
  14. lol! it is funny how painting just sucks the life out of projects! Great looking vanity though, even if it is painted...
  15. Great Job Coop! Really liked the tapers on the legs.
  16. Nice job Coop, looks like it should last a good long while!
  17. As I got into this more and remembering that it was to be painted, I lost more enthusiasm and didn’t take pics. So to close it out, here is the final product. Bottom drawer is not shut complete I see.
  18. I guess I tend to go traditional construction techniques most times. I am using 1/4 maple ply. I got a deal on some sheets that had damage one one edge, I basically got three sheets for the price of two.
  19. Chet, just wondering why you didn’t plan on using the Domino to begin with other than now you have to plunge cut your grooves on the stiles and come up short on each end? What are you using for panels?
  20. I went with around 1/4” drop probably more a strong 1/4 across 1 1/16” wide or thick legs.
  21. Don't try to get to crisp of a point on your pyramids it will look harsh to the eye. Something like this -
  22. If that is your worst mistake you have gotten by easy!! Good save with using the domino!
  23. For sure.. No worries.. I just keep a bunch of those on hand so, am usually looking for a cheaper alternative where I can.
  24. The other ones are already ordered. It was $28.00 and in the grand scheme of things when you consider what we paid for the floor and counter tops the dominos won't even warrant a line item entry in the budget. 😎
  25. Been there and done that! You could have done them without the Domino but, would have been more time consuming. I've been using some "off brand" dominos that are significantly cheaper and haven't had any issues. Just a thought.. I can look up the name if you're interested?
  26. I discovered this morning that I made what is probably my biggest mistake in my woodworking career. When I did the math to come up with the length of each set of rails for the cabinet doors, I failed to allow length for the tongues for the tongue and groove construction. I just ordered a big bag of 8 X 40 Dominos. Really glad I own that Domino machine now.
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