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    Okay, the last day started off by attaching the figure 8's to the base. Then center punching for the screw hole in the top. Then drilling and pre-threading the holes in the top. A final vacuuming of the parts before finishing. This next step is were she really left me impressed. I thought this is were she would have some struggles but after practicing the spray process on some spare plywood. I was real amazed at the job she did on the actual top. She was just a little nervous and asked me to spray the base. Spraying the bottom of the top. And the top side. A couple of final pictures. And one with the newly minted woodwork.
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    Today she started off by adding a small chamfer to the bottom edge of the table top. First some practice with a piece of scrap. Then on to the actual top. Then it was a lot of sanding. She started out using my ETS 150/5 but was a lot more comfortable using the smaller 125. Practiced drilling the holes for the figure 8's. Then getting it done on the actual aprons. She tried doing a chamfer on the bottom of a scrap leg and she was doing fairly well but she said that she kept losing the grip of the plane and her hand was always sliding so I ended up doing the legs themselves for her. One thing I have learned with this project is that we as adults take all the tools we use for granted but for a little one like her it is totally different. Then we glued up the base. No action shots here, it took both of us spreading glue to get it done, it was pretty warm in the shopped I didn't want the glue setting up on us. But I do have to say she has a real aptitude for spreading glue with a brush. I guess the art time back in kindergarten paid off.
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    It has been a long time coming, but I think I found the desk I am wanting to build .. or at least the overall look. I was looking for something simple, touch of modern and doesnt weigh 1000 pounds ... Credit for the design goes here: https://theartifox.com/collections/desk/products/desk-02-walnut However, I dont have $1500 for a desk 😉 I like overall appearance, looks to be maybe 8/4 legs and a 6/4 or 5/4 top keeping the look simplistic. I know this isnt most of yalls cup of tea, so blame Kev for letting me run wild and post these ridiculous things 😛 I wish I could purchase their "Grid" piece for wire management, as that seems like a good idea, but I will try and come up with something on my own or it will just be a regular board going across the back for the support. Might try to test out designing/building my own type of cable management support piece, but not sure what that would look like yet. No off to CAD to work on coming up with dimensions ... the site lists L 52" x W 26" X H 30” ... which seem to be a decent fit for the room, might have to teak slightly though .. Hoping tonight/tomorrow morning get the CAD worked out, then pick up the walnut tomorrow as well to let it start acclimating. Then possibly finish up on my shop cabinet doors in the meantime. Then start working through the legs on here as the angles could get tricky and want to spend some time making sure I dont mess those up.
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    Well she cut a bunch of curves today. First up the legs. She did a curved reverse taper on the two outside faces of the legs. I cleaned up those cuts at the router table with a pattern bit so this makes two machines in the process that she didn't want to use, first the jointer and now the router table. I think she has made some good choices in not doing anything she is not comfortable with. Here she is cutting the curves on the leg. This is the second cut with the waste from the first cut taped back on. It looks like her back hand is in a bad place but I posed most of the pictures with the saws off. I failed to get any pictures of her cutting the curves on the apron pieces but here she is at the spindle sander cleaning up the cuts, first on the long aprons... ...then on the shorter aprons. She did have a mistake at the band saw cutting the curve on one of the small aprons. She lost sight of the line because it sort of blended with the grain. It would have been easy to just mill another one up but I told her that there are ways to fix small mistakes. I told her I could show her how or we could make a new piece all over. She wanted to see me fix it. I took a chisel and shaved a thin piece off the off cut, supper glued it in the kerf and to the under side of the curve so when she sanded the curve again after the fix it would flake of. Here, in the close up you can see it just to the left of the high point of the curve. But from a normal distance it is pretty hard to see. I told her to keep it a secret, don't point it out to people. Couple of pictures of the dry fit. Next up is to chamfer the bottom edge of the top, some sanding and a glue up.
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    Got the table base all sanded and glued up. Put a 1/8 round over on most of the edges. Took quite a bit of time to get the parts all sanded. Maybe it just felt that was as it has been very hot and humid around here. Had to get a dehumidifier running in the shop as it was about 68% humidity. The problem with running the dehumidifier is that it acted as a heater. The shop is pretty unpleasant to be in with it like that, hopefully the weather pattern will break in a week or so. Did add a old furnace fan that I got for free from a buddy. Amazing how much air those things move. When I built the shop I had some outlets put in higher up and the bottom half of them runs on a switch. Makes it nice for this fan to just hit a switch to turn it on and off. Did get the wedges cut and have a little fine tuning to do to them yet.
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    Final pics. Table is in place.
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    Only thing I have done in that situation, also shop furniture, is cut a strip of wood to fit in the dado boo boo and glue it in and sand it flush.
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    First of all you need to build what you like and want not what we like. 🤔 I is a nice clean and simple design that looks like it could have some challenges to it. Would something like this work for wire management. standupdeskstore.com/cord-management-60-inch
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    Pure awesome! Something you should both be very proud of for profoundly different reasons! I also notice that she shoots finish better than you do @Chet😉
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    Yeah she like to check in on me! Especially when it’s close to her bed time, she has it figured out to ask questions around then. Usually buys her a extra 10 min or so before Mom is yelling at both of us.
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    Did get the wedges fit tonight and the threaded inserts in the top. Have to finish sand the top and put the round over on it. The light is at the end of the tunnel!
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    Spell Kev for a couple of weeks and you can completely pay for a new central unit for your shop. You’d probably have a helluva time getting him back to relieve you though!
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    I will check rental places, not sure there are many around in my area, but I called 3 HD and none had. Thanks for the tip. So I just got word that the epoxy I ordered will be delayed by 7-10 days. This means work will almost come to a screeching halt. Plus a big project in a tiny shop isn't much fun. So the paint looked better dry, and I actually am liking the look.
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    Man, that’s sweet! Very well done, construction and finish!
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    That came out real nice Jamie. Job well done.
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    I could fill with epoxy, I was just thinking would it make a less noticeable to mix epoxy and sawdust.
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    OK so far this is where I is at. Just finished putting the battens on. Put the criss cross tensioners on, on Friday. Saturday I was building a little covered box type structure that you could sit inside when it rains and shoot targets from (For a local air rifle target club). One of the clubs main blokes was there giving me a hand a recipe for change. So my simple design kept changing, ie "How about if we could sit in it and shoot Bench Rest as well, just like other clubs" And what do u know...Sunday arrived as it will since it comes after Saturday. The regulars showed up for a shoot, the gods must have been listening in and watching because we had a sudden unexpected deluge and guess what. NO ONE used it while it was raining. It did get a brief run earlier while someone used it to line their rifle up as they hadn't used it in several months. I hopped in it to see just how well it worked. I didn't get wet, though I decided that the roofing iron wasn't long enough.
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    I would just glue in a new strip also that would waste expensive epoxy
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    I don't know if you subscribe to Fine Woodworking but Tim Rousseau did a video series on a Danish Modern Desk that has a similar design to it. It might be worth checking out if you can, could give you some ideas. https://www.finewoodworking.com/videoworkshop/2019/07/danish-modern-desk-with-tim-rousseau
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    Unfortunately, I think the overarm is the best option. I have the same issue with my current PM and also with the previous grizzly saw I’m pretty sure that there are some DIY options out there that a quick YouTube search may show.
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    That is one fine table! You have to be very proud of her! That will be a lifetime piece that she will always remember time with grandpa!
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    I used old masters brand, early American. Covered it with 3-4 coats of Sherwin Williams pre cat lacquer dull rub. Not sure how well it would work with a wipe on finish as sometimes the fibers of the roller can be a little fuzzy. I bet it would work if your wrapped a piece of cloth over it. Would hold quite a bit of finish that way. Now that I think of it I did do that one time when I was putting finish on the floor of our old house. In that case I just cut the roller in half and attached it to a long handle. I just used it to spread the poly, I would just pour some out on the floor and spread it the whole length of the floor, couldn’t stop in the middle or would get a start stop mark. Thank you everyone for the very nice comments and compliments. Also thank you for all your input on questions that came up. I think being part of this group pushes me to to want to try new things and challenges my thinking. Which is awesome. Thank you all very much. I will post a picture once the table is in the house.
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    Maga and Paga. It is something our oldest grand kid came up with when he was about 2.
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    That child looks like she was teaching a class and after this build, she probably could. Great thread granddaughter and Chet!
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    Turned out great! She did amazing! Hope her parents liked their gift.
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    There is absolutely no doubt that what she did yesterday is better then the first two or three things I did and I was in my thirties at the time with what one my call full adult dexterity. So yea she is way better.
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    Nice looking table. Never thought about using a roller to apply stain good tip
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    She did a amazing job on this I can’t wait to see her next project
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    Turned out great Jamie!
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    It’s not big enough @Coop! The building is 30x40 with 11’3” ceilings. The reason they are that height is so it would get a little higher than our existing 2 car garage. The shop also is a boat house and I park my truck in there when I can. The area that I have the table set up for finishing is where I usually park. I would say the shop space is 18x40 roughly. The boat motor cuts into it some. I’m planning on doing a shop tour once the table is out of the shop and I give it a quick clean up.
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    Finish looks great bud. Maybe cut the legs off of the existing chairs and you can really justify the cost of the Domino!
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    Last night got the table sanded up and stained! Putting the stain or finish on a project is always very rewarding to me, getting to see it come to life. Did recruit Courtney to help with the staining. Which was nice to have her run the brush and wipe it down. I use a paint roller cut into 1/4s staple it to a piece of scrap and wipe the stain on with that. Works way better than a brush and a lot cleaner than a rag. The paint roller also holds quite a bit of stain so you can go a long ways without re dipping. Did spray it with lacquer tonight. Almost got it completed but ran a little short on finish. Will pick up another gallon hopefully tomorrow and will get the last coats on the top. I put 3 coats on the legs and stretcher. Also 3 coats on the bottom side of the top and will probably go with 4 on the top side. I sand to 280 between coats mostly with a soft pad. Did go with a block of mdf and the paper stuck to it on the top. With this project nearing the end it has me thinking about chairs. Since our table now is pub height the chairs won’t work. I priced a few out from an Amish dealer and wow did the price scare me away quickly. $349 for a oak unfinished chair with arms and $320 for a side chair. Thinking 8 chairs total would add up really quick. I do have quite a bit of the same lumber left from the table build that I could possibly build my own. I have never built a chair and up fir the challenge. I have fixed enough chairs that I know I don’t want to dowel them, am thinking that a domino might be needed 😃. Can justify it because I’m not buying the chairs, right?
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    Kia Ora (in New Zealand) a greeting wishing good health. Ermmmmm this is my first post on this website. Since Covid-19 started I have been very busy doing nothing. But since NZ has beaten the virus into submission I'm still doing a whole lot of nothing or a whole lot less than I was before. Oh sure we get the odd new case every now and then, but these cases aren't picked up here they just end up here when they hop off the plane and get tested in quarantine. Then the people complain that they are being forced to spend two weeks in a hotel room with very little to do while they ride out their time. They are forgetting that they are staying in 5 star accommodation while the government is paying their hotel and food bill. They just need to shut the hell up, stop being so damn selfish, and think of the privilege of being allowed back home to a virus free country. I managed to endure the month and half of isolation stuck at home, just me the cat and 7.413 acres of maintenance and hard work. I did some building till I ran out of materials [which blowed]. Cleaned out my garage, which is cool because I can now walk around in it without tripping over stuff in the dark. Might even have some room now to use the wood lath or build that cedar strip canoe I have been threatening to build for the last 20 years. Cleaned out the workshop a wee bit, cleaned up the trailer park, weeded the sand and finished putting the wooden edge around it. Built another shelf in the shade house so we can fit in another couple hundred propagated plants. Re did the irrigation in the roof, put in some extra taps to isolate certain sections from the whole. Weeded the floor and sorted a whole bunch of pots etc...and so on and so forth. Pruned the oak tree so that trucks coming in can now get in, which in turn will stop the drivers complaining that the branches will scratch the paint on their cabs. Had a couple of HUGE bonfires, burning [believe it or not] wood. Moved a couple pallets of bricks, did some digging, moved some sand around. Did a couple of food runs for me and my rents. First time i have even been able to walk into a shop with a bandana covering my face. Even did a couple of trips wearing a full face respirator. Which covered my eyes, noise and mouth. Wore safety gloves as well so I didn't touch anything that might have been contaminated. Then once i got home i left all the none perishables out in the sun for the UV to do its job, the other things I washed or sprayed detergent on. Bit of a waste of time really since my part of the country never had any cases. But we all went through the motions JUST IN CASE. I cleaned out my gutters, Washed the truck. Weeded the drive and spread a but load of GAP 30 on it. Also did a lot of sleeping, watched a bunch of movies, surfed the net for porn. Did a bunch of exercise, walked a marathon or two. Fed the chickens. Pruned the shelter belt and stacked wood. It was a hard month and a half...I almost got bored a couple of times. 😮 Regards That KIWI Bloke
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    I know the feeling. Several weeks ago theBlue Angels did a fly bye here in Houston in honor of the medical workers. Three times they flew right over my office and all three times I screwed up. I ended up getting some neat videos of our parking lot but no planes.
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    Awesome! Maybe a smaller plane for her is in order! Great pictures! Great project! Super fun to follow!
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    With the confident look on her face, you would think that she was the instructor!
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    After a couple squirts of WD40, I got it working on my end too. Glad to know it wasn’t operator error.
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    And you respond by yelling "but it's her faaault"😆 The table is really coming along Jamie.
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    I see you have a helper.. Perhaps I should say "quality control".. That's awesome! Really looking sharp!
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    +1 I like her focus and her style!
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    Wow! More impressed with this amazing young girl with each post! Great job Chet!
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    Thanks! The ac issue will be solved by the end of August. Perfect timing. A guy who works for me I gave a good sized window unit a couple years back. His wife and him are moving to a place with central air so he is going to give it back.
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    $200 hell I’d almost cut it with a butter knife for that price
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    When I did a Google search, the next closest place was Brooklyn, NY. No thanks, gas and tolls would jack up the day rate.
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    Let's start a "forum fund me" section.. I'll kick in the first 10..
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    We pulled out both the router and domino. With out any bits in either one of the tools and no power I had her go through the steps of using each tool. Using the domino she can use more of her body mass behind the plunging process. With the router she was struggling with the plunge. You don't realize as an adult that it is more of an upper body strength to plunge the router. I wanted her to get the most experience and do as close to 100% of the work that was safe and humanly possible for her so she would come away feeling like she built the project, I didn't want her feeling like she was just helping grandpa. So far the only thing I have done is anything requiring the jointer. How close was I to your thinking? 😉
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    I'm in complete awe with how she's handling the "big boy" tool and looks like a pro! A good teacher for sure! I'm interested in why you chose the domino.. I think I know the story but, I'd like to hear..
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    We started of today by cutting the legs and aprons to final length. First she trued up one end of all the legs using the cross cut sled. Set up a stop block to cut them to final length. Here she was learning how to check the setup of the stop block for correct length before cutting the long aprons to final size. And making the cuts. Next we did all the joinery for the legs and aprons. For this we used Dominos. I forgot to take pictures of this because I was enjoying watching how well she has adapted to using this machine in such a short period of time. If anyone is interested in how we decided to use dominos for this instead of a more traditional mortise and tenon joint for her first project, let me know and I will be happy to share it with you. This is the first dry fit of the project. This brought a real smile to my face to see her work on her first project come together this well. The table looks chunky right now but we still have to add some curves to the aprons and legs and a chamfer to the underside of the top among other things.
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