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  1. Boring???? I think milling material down is the fun part! The plan is made already, milling is where you can see the process coming to life. Nothing more satisfying that seeing dust and woodchips going up the dust pipe.
  2. I went with around 1/4” drop probably more a strong 1/4 across 1 1/16” wide or thick legs.
  3. If that is your worst mistake you have gotten by easy!! Good save with using the domino!
  4. It’s a good feeling when the parts fully utilize a board!
  5. Got the back legs finished up! Just have to sand them all at some point. Started on rough cutting the remainder of the chair parts. Am going to adjust the jointer knives some before milling all these parts. Noticed I have a few knicks in them. Also will probably flip the planer knives as well. Doesn’t seem like I did that all that long ago, I wouldn’t think they should be dull this quickly. Still do a decent job but the planer just screams for mercy.
  6. Thanks! I agree the sander was a better option. Only thing that made it more of a challenge is the angle of the taper and the shape of the leg. Can see why he went with the block plane for that reason. I found that my hand tool skills are not quite ready for end grain oak.
  7. Got a good amount of time in the shop today. Started of putting the taper on all the legs. Bandsawing then jointing, holding the leg on the angle of the taper wasn’t to bad but with the grain direction made running some of the legs a little sketchy. Would expose quite a bit of cutter head at times. This is showing all the tapers marked out. To do this I would sandwich my template between the set and mark both at the same time. It feels like I spent most of the day marking out lines. After the taper was cut there is a pyramid detail on the top of the legs. Tom in the video serie
  8. More mortise cutting went on all week. Would get around a hour of shop time after work. Used a few blocks cut to match the back legs to hold them in position. There are a couple flat spots on the legs to make the alignment go the mortises fairly nice. The mortises on the bottom of the leg took moving the hcm to each end of the bench to make it possible. The angle of the leg would cause the top section of the leg to hit the bench top. I did end up getting them all cut. Here I am doing a little clean up on them. Just cleaning out some of the corners and sides of the mortise
  9. Got to work tonight cutting the mortises. Started with the mortise on the back leg that attaches the side seat rail. Had to make a template to support the back leg. Template has a couple marks on it to line it up with the cress rail mortise which made for a pretty easy process. Just had to carry the line around the template to work for both the left and right legs. To mortise the front legs which have a bevel cut, I made a wedge to bring the face square to the chisel. All hell broke free about half way through the front legs. The depth stop on the rikon was moving a little
  10. Nicely done! Know that process and the struggle that goes with it. You feel like Clark Griswald putting up Christmas lights on the ladder. Not sure what hole to put your arm through!
  11. Got to play quite a bit in the shop today. Started off by sanding the faces of the legs that had some router marks in them. Also ca glued the shake cracks. Overall I made 23 leg blanks to get the final 16. The legs sanded up After the sanding I had to clean the shop up some. Had a full dust barrel and cleaned the filters. I think that is the worst job in the shop! Moved on to matching the sets of legs up and marked out the mortises. Used the template that I made to lay them all out Also matched the legs to the front legs. Need to cut a bevel on
  12. Yeah that definitely makes a difference. I didn’t cut real close when initially cutting them out as I didn’t feel my blanks were flat. The boards I had were to wide to face joint so ran each part after roughing them out. I was anywhere from 1/16 to an 1/8 over on the first cut. Maybe a little more at times. Am learning quite a bit in this whole process.
  13. Quite a bit of work has gotten done since my last update. Have the back and front legs all milled along with the crest rail and shoe. Quite a few parts to joint, plane and sand. Had Emmi who is 7 catching out of the drum sander for me. Was amazed how well she followed directions and paid attention to the process. After she went to be I had Courtney help, she danced around and was looking at her phone the whole time. She is 32. 🤪 The router template jig took a little figuring out on my end. The first couple legs I ran basically blew up in my hands. I scratched my head a
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