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  1. Coop

    Chair plans

    The recipients were friends that were glad to receive them.
  2. Coop

    Chair plans

    I’m with you bud! I made 3 different prototypes of Adirondack chairs before I was satisfied with the heights and angles!
  3. Do you find that the older the resign, the darker it gets? I found that after about 3-5 years.
  4. I like the design. Will the legs be turned or as shown in the pic?
  5. Coop

    Wood source

    Now for that, I can drive to Tulsa to spell ya!
  6. Man, that’s sweet! Very well done, construction and finish!
  7. As my two twin grandkids have three sets of grandparents, I got tagged as Big Daddy. And now 19 yo, they still call me that. Some things are best left unchanged!
  8. Chet, what do your grandchildren call you?
  9. That child looks like she was teaching a class and after this build, she probably could. Great thread granddaughter and Chet!
  10. Jamie, how big is your shop? There’s no way I could get that much room for finish in mine!
  11. Finish looks great bud. Maybe cut the legs off of the existing chairs and you can really justify the cost of the Domino!
  12. I know the feeling. Several weeks ago theBlue Angels did a fly bye here in Houston in honor of the medical workers. Three times they flew right over my office and all three times I screwed up. I ended up getting some neat videos of our parking lot but no planes.
  13. Chet, it would be cool to hear her do a voice over video on the final assembly or finishing portion. Do you have the equipment?
  14. With the confident look on her face, you would think that she was the instructor!
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