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  1. You had to have had your mojo going with that many pieces. Run all thru, flip them, run them thru, etc. . Certainly more work and almost as boring as watching glue dry, you’re making good headway!
  2. Thanks guys, appreciate the compliments. Speaking of tapered legs, I didn’t do any research but since there are 3 legs, front and back, are they tapered in the right direction. That’s actually the front of my work bench.
  3. As I got into this more and remembering that it was to be painted, I lost more enthusiasm and didn’t take pics. So to close it out, here is the final product. Bottom drawer is not shut complete I see.
  4. Chet, just wondering why you didn’t plan on using the Domino to begin with other than now you have to plunge cut your grooves on the stiles and come up short on each end? What are you using for panels?
  5. That’s a bunch of parts. Good progress!
  6. @Tmize had no way of knowing and I personally apologized to him. Thanks for understanding. Coop
  7. Helluva a deal! Looking good bud!
  8. Thanks and perhaps I spoke out of line. 👍Good to go!
  9. My son just lost his 37 yo wife of 2 months unexpectedly. Be gentle. It’s only a saw. Sorry, it just kind of hit home.
  10. Steve would probably have replied to you that it’s hard to find a good piece of ash! 😀
  11. A job where 4 hands would be nice and only space for two or less!
  12. Will you be using the Domino to joint the pieces?
  13. Don’t envy you a bit. I’’m currently doing something similar but have access from the top and back. Are you making new drawers and if so, do they have false fronts? Gonna be sweet when it’s complete! Looking back at the pics, I see the glides extend to the front of the frame so I guess the fronts are false and overlapping if that is the right term.
  14. Are all of the pieces 3/4” thick? This will be fun to follow.
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