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  1. This is what I'd do..
  2. Kev

    Wood source

    Hmm.. I have a load of it stuck here in Oklahoma with me...lol
  3. Good saw! Hard to go wrong with their saws!
  4. I like the design! I'm not a fan of how they "I think" attached the top and I do think it needs a drawer but, it looks simple enough to build. If you're still struggling after the link @chet sent you, let me know and I'll see if I can help maybe with a video..
  5. Unfortunately, I think the overarm is the best option. I have the same issue with my current PM and also with the previous grizzly saw I’m pretty sure that there are some DIY options out there that a quick YouTube search may show.
  6. Pure awesome! Something you should both be very proud of for profoundly different reasons! I also notice that she shoots finish better than you do @Chet😉
  7. Awesome! Maybe a smaller plane for her is in order! Great pictures! Great project! Super fun to follow!
  8. @Coop, Jamie is correct. Type the @ symbol and then, without a space, type the first letter of the person and a list will pop up for you.
  9. Now if I could just get this "like" glitch fixed! Still working it!
  10. I see you have a helper.. Perhaps I should say "quality control".. That's awesome! Really looking sharp!
  11. To reference a member, you have to type the "@" symbol first. It's working for me @Coop A couple thoughts come to mind here.. 1. The saw he's using is a beam saw which was a topic in another thread here 2. Yes, these are heavy and difficult to move about.. But, the end result is usually worth the work..
  12. This is so beyond amazing @Chet! This young lady is doing an awesome job, owning her shortcomings, and not taking the easy road! Super impressed! She can come hang in my shop any time!
  13. Got a few weeks off? I'll hook you up with some killer money for killer boring work! 😉
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