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  1. Care to apprentice in my shop on big projects? 😉
  2. That's certainly part of the hobby!
  3. Nice job Coop, looks like it should last a good long while!
  4. For sure.. No worries.. I just keep a bunch of those on hand so, am usually looking for a cheaper alternative where I can.
  5. Been there and done that! You could have done them without the Domino but, would have been more time consuming. I've been using some "off brand" dominos that are significantly cheaper and haven't had any issues. Just a thought.. I can look up the name if you're interested?
  6. Nice! Having just finished 20 drawers, I feel your pain! Looking forward to following this project!
  7. Personally, I think the sander was a way better option in the first place! Looking awesome!
  8. Looking forward to the review! I don't personally own one but, they're pretty nice from what I hear!
  9. I did this in the house in WA and went through the same struggles! Nice work!
  10. Without knowing the background of these stands, I'm not sure how the metal and the welds are treated?? Ultimately, you need to make sure you get all the oil and grease off first. Then, just a rough up with some 120 or so to set up for the primer should be fine. Another option for the legs is to have them powder coated. It's not as expensive as you might think and it's much more durable than paint.
  11. I Just assumed that was your best 😉
  12. lmao! I think I was there today! Good job bud!
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