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  1. My bad forgot about the sawdust
  2. Wouldn’t it work similar to the pour between two slab on a river table
  3. I love my LN dovetail saw an if it wasn’t for the back order that is what I would have gotten.
  4. I’ve been using clear pva glue (gorilla glue) mixed with saw dust as filler for a year or two now. I will use it when the gap is more than I trust CA glue for
  5. I would just glue in a new strip also that would waste expensive epoxy
  6. That’s exactly what it is LN has it post all over their website. The backlog at bad axe is normal since they build saws one at a time an don’t start til they get the deposit first. Chet I’ve heard the same about them. Shannon Rodger brags a lot about them. A few other YouTuber say they are best filers in the business. I’m looking forward to seeing what a perfectly sharpen saw cuts like. All I have to go off is my sharpen from the factory Veritas sharpening. I know my sharpening is a lil better than theirs but there is a bias to that😁. I’ve done a version of BA hybrid tooth on my 7tpi handsaw I use an like it cuts smooth. I don’t know if I could do it on a smaller tooth tho
  7. I like the design. Are you going to add a drawer anywhere just for pens an small office supplies
  8. It’s still sooner than LN is expected to be caught back up also
  9. The site says it’s like a 12 week wait time 😒
  10. So I put down the down payment on the bad axe 14” bayonet saw. I needed a good crosscut joinery saw. I went looking for a LN but they all sold out at all the places I know that sell them. I went with the hybrid tooth pattern instead of just crosscut figured I would give it a shot I can always refile it.
  11. Your guess is correct I used about a 4’ piece of flex to connect to the saw. There isn’t much room under the saw to make the connection. I’ll measure how much room I have. Then next time I’m at the hardware store I’ll put together so pieces an see if it will work
  12. I have a rigid 4512 table saw. It’s a good saw for what I use it for. I have a 4” dust port on the bottom side under the body on the saw. It catches some of the sawdust. It does tend to shoot a bunch of dust back up on the table. I’ve tried different blade heights trying to see if catch more with not much luck. I’ve taken the ZC insert out an used the factory one. I’ve thought of sealing up around the the blade adjustment wheel for more suction. The dust collector is only about 20’ away an only has two machines on it with blast gates on both. The collector works great on my bandsaw so I think it’s my table saw design that’s the issue. Any suggestions on how to help with the extra dust? I know they make over arm to collect at the blade but they cost more than I paid for the saw. I’m not looking for perfection just a lil less clean up after a long sawing session.
  13. Nice looking table. Never thought about using a roller to apply stain good tip
  14. She did a amazing job on this I can’t wait to see her next project
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