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  1. Well folks, I returned the Makita TS. I am going to make my own. I have learned a lot since the last one that I did. I just can’t justify spending the money on it at this point in my woodworking. Maybe later down the road. Thanks for all your support on this subject. Look forward to checking everyone else’s out. I am still building my clamp rack though. Just ordered the material for it today.
  2. Glad I don’t loose things like that. After all, they are not losses just misplaced. Lol🤣
  3. I am going to order these clamps. Ty sir.
  4. Sounds like a winner. I have asked a question to Chet, if anyone can comment that already owns one, that would be great.
  5. Thanks for your comment. Does just one satisfy your needs? I would think to have two, one on each end. What do you think? I am very curious...thx again.
  6. After checking them all out, I just think they are all expensive. I will try with out them see how I do.
  7. What are insta Rail Square? I would like to check them out. I did check them out. Pretty cool. I’m going to check the price. Cause the dewalt clamps , they clamp from underneath which is real cool too.
  8. I just ordered the kit today. I ordered it on amazon. Got the Dewalt clamps for the Makita rail guides. I did a little research on everything. The dewalt rail clamps seem to have the best reviews. So, you don’t really need this little doohickey that I saw on YouTube video that I thought I really wanted. It’s TSO’s guide for the rail guides. Just a well engineered little helper tool that is really cool. I wanted it!!! Until I saw the price of it. They have two similar models of it. One is about $159 bucks and the other $179 bucks. Well that ended that idea. LOL!!! I’m a single parent. I just ca
  9. DisVet

    Welcome DisVet!

    Glad to be here Kev. Thx
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