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  1. HI T, No, I was injured/reserved yesterday after doing what I tried and failed at posting the other day then purchasing and retrieving and helping to unload a bunch of Red Oak (estimated at 150bf) into the Schoolhouse. Not sure when I'm going to get the sole right. I'd like to have it machined but since I mentioned that I thought I'd try to sand it parallel to the carriage (flat surface sanding, not hand or hand-held machine sanding). IF I were to try to sand it flat and parallel to the carriage and failed I could have it machined after that. Also, that Red Oak I picked up is
  2. Hi T, I dragged and dropped three images into the post. I tried to drag and drop a forth image and it gave me a different pop-up now. I think I did what you suggested. I dragged and dropped images to the limit then deleted the image in the body of the post which leaves the images in the "Uploaded Images" box at the bottom. Or am I doing that backwards from what you suggest? I should leave the images in the body of the post and delete from the "Uploaded..." box? P.S. Btw, I didn't have any problems post my other multiple image posts. Only tonight did it ha
  3. Hey BW. I did try to upload multiple images back to back very quickly, yes. When that errored out I deleted all the previously uploaded images and tried again one by one with the "choose files". That errored out, too. I deleted all those previously uploaded images again and tried to drag and drop them in. That errored out, too. No matter what I tried it wouldn't load beyond 3 images. It errored out on the 4th image every time. Tips🎩, RR
  4. I have tried several ways to upload some pictures. I'd reach this pop-up... Then I'd delete them all and try another method to upload and about the 4th picture I get that message. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance! Regards, RR
  5. These damned interminable, confounded wires! 😆 It's cool! It happens, just see my above! 🤣 Thanks, T! Tips 🎩, RR
  6. Hi T 👋, You'll have to forgive me, T. I'm a little confused on which piece you're suggesting I flip over. Flip 2 or 3? 2 and 3 do seem to be angled toward each other, to me. Tips 🎩, RR
  7. That is interesting. I didn't even notice that! Awesome assist! Thanks, T! 👋, RR
  8. Hey Tmize, I made a mistake. The cap iron and chip breaker are not one piece. I don't know what the heck I was thinking 😨! Doh! Sorry about that, T. My apologies! Regards, RR
  9. Scratch keeping the sole square to the sides! With the brass repair plates I can't get a good read on where the sides are in relation to the sole. Some spots are relatively square but, in one spot it looks like about 1/8" out of square 😲! Getting the sole flat and parallel to the carriage is the new goal! 😉😁 Just can't ever use it on a shooting board or like operation. Right now, as best as I can set it up, the carriage to the sole is flush on the left side of the carriage and .010 protruding on the right side. (measured with a 6" machinist square resting on the sole and my dial c
  10. Hi T 👋! Nice website! Very informative. Thank you, T! I will check it out better when I get a minute. I really do appreciate the assist! I'm trying to finish painting my window insulation trim (I have one side of the four remaining, then install them), so I can move to the next necessary utilitarian, not really woodworking project (2x4Basics shelf and bench (bench for temporary kitchen counter space)). *I just spent $148usd last night on 16 "select" 2x4s and three 1/2 (2' x 8') sheets of 1/2" plywood - WOW!* I have a machining background and am aware of maintaining square w
  11. That crazy, I am...to want it, but then justifying it is a matter altogether different! 😆 I'd have to literally build a shop just to put it in - but I'd do it! 🤣 I think it was Stumpy talking about him seeing it at a woodworking convention a year or so ago and the fellow standing right next to the machine talking to the Harvey representative in the booth asked if the Harvey rep could turn it on. The representative said "It is on". Granted, it was on low, but still....amazing machine! Stumpy has one in his new shop. 👍, RR
  12. Yeah, I was rather stunned when I saw the price, too. It better be able to cook breakfast at that price! 😁 The Rikon unit does look good! The WEN unit, the 3415T, the more capable of the two they offer looks good, too. And at $293.93 it's nearly half of what the other similar units go for. I include WEN because I see them supporting Woodworkers of all types on IG, they've even liked some of my posts. RR
  13. Ah...so what English speaking people call Jury-rigged (something assembled quickly with the materials on hand) or Jerry-rigged (cheaply or poorly built)! 😄 **just pulling your leg, Jack!** 😆 Thanks, T, sincerely!...that's a new one for me. RR
  14. Nice! I like the visual interest created by the staggered layers, the staggered open spaces. Well done! Nice eye, Moms! 👋, RR
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