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  1. Great Job Coop! Really liked the tapers on the legs.
  2. Just that little pile of scrap, that’s what call efficient stock usage.
  3. I needed to add some ply scraps as stops, for when I was flattening my stones it could be pulled off.
  4. Good save Coop. I’m sure we have all cut the wrong side of something before.
  5. Maybe find a machinist to make a set instead of buying the plastic ones that are available without buying a new stack. Infinity tools has a shin set but they are plastic.
  6. Man I doubt it was anything you did or are 1 time use. I’m sure you have already done this, but would call Forest.
  7. I think they cut faster, but I have no way to actually prove this. I don’t have water in the shop and although I never had an issue leaving them in a Rubbermaid with lid, just wanted to try something different.
  8. I switched to ceramic because they don’t need to soak so I can do in the shop. Mrs was tired of me taking over the kitchen to sharpen. I still have my water stones but the ceramics are faster in my opinion. I bought Naniwa S1 super stones from sharpening supplies.com. If I were to do it again would buy the S2 since they are double the thickness. If you buy 3 you get a discount. I went with 1000, 5000 and 12000. My water stones are 220, 1000, 4000 and 8000.
  9. So after the workbench and some other things I needed to touch up my chisels. I pulled out the sharpening pond and for the most part worked like it was planned. However I did discover a flaw. When flattening the stone it can be pulled off the platform. So I fixed this by adding “stops”. They are a little more than a 1/16th above the platform. I will see if this is the fix in the next few days.
  10. yes it works well, it is basically the same as the TSO offering. I went with the Insta rail cause I had a store credit to the Toolnut. If your reference edge is really out of whack it could be an issue. I have found using the factory edge square enough. I have taken a badly out of square piece of ply and have gotten dead nuts. Agreed.
  11. Agree tha $150 is a lot for an accessory, but to me it was a no brainer. It is possible to set up track, clamp and still be out of square due to slight measuring errors. The rail square eliminates that. You can always add later when money is available.
  12. I take 2” rigid foam board and throw on top of saw horses. Each foam board is 2’x8’ so together gives me 4’x8’.
  13. I bought the Insta Rail Square which is similar to the $159 TSO product, and kick myself for waiting so long. It to me is a game changer.
  14. I was never good with a circular saw, I will chalk it up to an eye dominance issue. I lost track of the blade, so I prefer a track saw. I can’t say whether you would be better with 1 over the other.
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