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  1. That came out real nice Jamie. Job well done.
  2. Only thing I have done in that situation, also shop furniture, is cut a strip of wood to fit in the dado boo boo and glue it in and sand it flush.
  3. I have heard great things about Bad Axe stuff.
  4. I think it can be a combination of both. People are/were stuck at so they are doing more things around the house, AND the people that make this stuff are also stuck at home. My Grandson and his girl friend where looking for some decent mountain bikes last month and couldn't find anything anywhere. They finally gave up. Then there was just an article in the paper last week about a lot of exercise gear being in the same boat. People are home wanting to do things to exercise so they are wiping out inventories and nothing new is being manufactured because of the stay at home thing for workers that make the stuff.
  5. I don't know if you subscribe to Fine Woodworking but Tim Rousseau did a video series on a Danish Modern Desk that has a similar design to it. It might be worth checking out if you can, could give you some ideas. https://www.finewoodworking.com/videoworkshop/2019/07/danish-modern-desk-with-tim-rousseau
  6. First of all you need to build what you like and want not what we like. 🤔 I is a nice clean and simple design that looks like it could have some challenges to it. Would something like this work for wire management. standupdeskstore.com/cord-management-60-inch
  7. Are you hooked up right at the saw with flex hose? And I am just guessing here, but I wonder if you used something like PVC fittings to come out from under the saw, a sweeping 45 degree not a tight 45 and then hook up your flex. On my system I used 2, 22 degree fittings with a 4 inch piece of pipe between them any time I needed a 45 and it gives a nice sweep. This MIGHT give you better air flow leaving the saw because of the gradual bend and the smooth interior surface of the pipe.
  8. Maga and Paga. It is something our oldest grand kid came up with when he was about 2.
  9. There is absolutely no doubt that what she did yesterday is better then the first two or three things I did and I was in my thirties at the time with what one my call full adult dexterity. So yea she is way better.
  10. Okay, the last day started off by attaching the figure 8's to the base. Then center punching for the screw hole in the top. Then drilling and pre-threading the holes in the top. A final vacuuming of the parts before finishing. This next step is were she really left me impressed. I thought this is were she would have some struggles but after practicing the spray process on some spare plywood. I was real amazed at the job she did on the actual top. She was just a little nervous and asked me to spray the base. Spraying the bottom of the top. And the top side. A couple of final pictures. And one with the newly minted woodwork.
  11. What color stain did you use? That looks real close to the Golden Oak Danish oil I used on mine followed by GF Enduro-Var. I used the Danish Oil because that is what the manufacturer of our chairs used. Your stain job came out looking real nice. Your roller idea is cool, I wonder how it would work with a wipe on finish. This project is really coming out nice Jamie
  12. No I don't unless I used my phone and I am all thumbs even trying that. 🤪
  13. Yea I had told her there are smaller ones, and I think I am going to look into that.
  14. Today she started off by adding a small chamfer to the bottom edge of the table top. First some practice with a piece of scrap. Then on to the actual top. Then it was a lot of sanding. She started out using my ETS 150/5 but was a lot more comfortable using the smaller 125. Practiced drilling the holes for the figure 8's. Then getting it done on the actual aprons. She tried doing a chamfer on the bottom of a scrap leg and she was doing fairly well but she said that she kept losing the grip of the plane and her hand was always sliding so I ended up doing the legs themselves for her. One thing I have learned with this project is that we as adults take all the tools we use for granted but for a little one like her it is totally different. Then we glued up the base. No action shots here, it took both of us spreading glue to get it done, it was pretty warm in the shopped I didn't want the glue setting up on us. But I do have to say she has a real aptitude for spreading glue with a brush. I guess the art time back in kindergarten paid off.
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