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  1. That is exactly the way I would have done them.
  2. Yea first thing on the docket this morning is emptying the dust can once again. Emptied it Tuesday also but this should be the last time on this project.
  3. A bunch of boring hours later all the stiles and rails are the same thickness and width.
  4. Thats real nice Coop and way nicer then the one in the picture. That dresser behind it looks like you copied Kev's drawer front design. 😃
  5. I guess I tend to go traditional construction techniques most times. I am using 1/4 maple ply. I got a deal on some sheets that had damage one one edge, I basically got three sheets for the price of two.
  6. Don't try to get to crisp of a point on your pyramids it will look harsh to the eye. Something like this -
  7. The other ones are already ordered. It was $28.00 and in the grand scheme of things when you consider what we paid for the floor and counter tops the dominos won't even warrant a line item entry in the budget. 😎
  8. I discovered this morning that I made what is probably my biggest mistake in my woodworking career. When I did the math to come up with the length of each set of rails for the cabinet doors, I failed to allow length for the tongues for the tongue and groove construction. I just ordered a big bag of 8 X 40 Dominos. Really glad I own that Domino machine now.
  9. Started work on the doors and drawer fronts for the kitchen. Picked up 50 BdFt of maple cut all the stiles and rails for 23 doors and 5 drawer fronts. Did real well fitting everything in the lumber I bought, just a small pile of scraps (circled) and some of that is still usable lengths.
  10. End grain Oak takes a really sharp iron in you plane. Oak is like trying to plain a hand full of soda strays if your iron isn't really sharp it just wants to tear up the wood.
  11. I learned that lesson decades back. I guy I was working for and was always fun on the job was suddenly being a real sour puss and I finally made the comment to another worker that he has been in such a crapy mood lately you would think his dad died or something. I found out the next day, that is what had happened. I felt like a jerk for a long time.
  12. Yea Coop, I am making new drawers with false fronts and all new cabinet doors. I have a peninsula that I am modify also to make the storage space more useful and then one other cabinet that I will add pull out selves for pantry goods.
  13. Well if they all come out okay you could make to extra chairs for when you have a big crowd over or you will also have grandkids at the table someday.🙂
  14. So in the process of the kitchen renovation there are some things that need to be severely upgraded. First on the list was this bank of drawers. Twenty three years ago when I originally built the cabinets I wanted to build something that would last but the whole project was on a budget that was driven by kids in college and things like that, so there were things that needed to be skipped. One of those was drawer glides. So at the time I did the wooden drawer slide that ran down the middle of the under side of the drawer. Now I am adding mechanical slides. And it turned out to be a bit
  15. Yea, with pattern routing I like to get pretty close to the line on the band saw.
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