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  1. Got the legs traced out ... waiting for my template bit to get here now that I ordered so gonna be a slow few days.
  2. Yes it will be heavily used to join everything this project
  3. Not yet, but yes the plan is to bring them down to 3/4 thick at final thickness.
  4. Haha. Yaaaa glueing. I donโ€™t want to think about that yet lol. I got plenty of routing to do that hopefully goes well first though. Rough milled the ash today .. now letting it sit over night and final mill tomorrow
  5. Yes, I was thinking about elongating the holes to give them some movement opportunity when the wood moves. Aprons are visual only to make it look thicker than it really it is. Apron will probably be 3-4" .. not sure how big I will make them yet.
  6. what grit do you think I should use to sand?
  7. Thanks guys .. will make sure I factor in that for wood movement. Here are the legs I picked up ... going to paint them black or maybe oil rubbed bronze They are 14" H x 30" W x 2" D
  8. Well, a side project to my main project to not lose any time ... My mom requested this for her shop so we shall see how it goes. The inspiration came from this: All credit for the design: https://www.archiexpo.com/prod/pacini-cappellini/product-57238-450398.html So we shall see how this goes ๐Ÿ™‚ Got my dimensions figured out ... Drawing out ... can never have enough buckets to get your round corners haha! a ductape adapter always works out well Finished with the 2 leg templates ... Off to th
  9. is this still working out great for you? Anything you would change?
  10. its finally not 100 down here in texas so we can leave the house again for some fun much needed outings too ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Thanks for the idea on the 3/4 sub straight @Chet ! As for the bottom of the ply, would you do anything with that minus just a coat or 2 of finish? Would you paint it black as well or what? I know not many people outside of woodworks would even care to look underneath lol ... just curious. As far as a gap from the apron .. are you thinking like a 32nd all the way around? or 16th?
  12. Where that ottoman is now is where this would go. Finally after 5 years we are slowly replacing all the free handmedowns we got when we first moved in haha. was also thinking of possibly putting in a lift in part of the tabletop for some storage ... not sure though on that one
  13. Well, the wife has decided my project will be a coffee table for the living room. She likes the simplistic design/look of this one: However I told her that I would not be making something with a pallet wood look. She agreed to it finally .. So I was thinking some knotty alder or oak, and toss a subtle stain on there for a little darker of look. She likes the below colors for it ... as of now: I dont really have a winner in my mind, I think they both would look good. However, the Provincial might be too close to our floor color so it might look funny. My
  14. Well, due to the extended Covid issues and being in the oil and gas industry ... I got 'the call' today. I guess good news is I will have plenty of time for projects until I find something new ๐Ÿ™‚ Should be posting some newly started projects soon though and will get time to work on finishing the garage.
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