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  1. Lol!! Where’s the fun in that! Up next in the shop I am thinking 2 shelf units on the counter top ... not sure what all I should store there minus smaller things. gonna add a spot for sand paper and screws and stuff. Not sure what else I should be looking to put or store up here. right side: left side: measurements: ive been searching through google images to get ideas too. What are some of y’all favorites?
  2. curious if anyone has these and do they help? I don’t have an issue with snipe as I catch them on the back pull them up a tad so it doesn’t catch. just curious if it helps you handle the wood easier ... DEWALT Planer Folding Table Accessory for DW735 Planer (DW7351) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0000CCXUA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_tFYmFb7YYDBJB
  3. ya I was thinking about that ... not sure how good shoe mold would look on a bench ... plus the walls are not flat with the shiplap, so that seems like it would be a bigger mess than I want to deal with
  4. Well this was fun. Super tight area to work in ... had to take electrical outlet off to be able to slide in there ... working on my scribing skills ... fun times with a belt sander
  5. That’s a great looking drawer! maybe next time I’ll try half blind dovetails my jig can do that
  6. These ... well on the sides 😁 although the finger notch I think turned out great .. although gotta do it again
  7. dont look too closely at it 😞 The drawer front will need to be remade haha ... Although for now, I did install it just to make sure everything fit right and all that ... so far so good, minus the brain fart on the front
  8. Like 1/2 sides with 3/4 front/back? Or what do you mean?
  9. Hah!! Now I just need some of those pennies on the dollar walnut deals 😁 And maybe one day get a trailer full of amazing wood from spanky
  10. This worked just fine sending 2 boards through. Also found the page in the manual ... 12” minimum. I was right at that haha. After getting all the boards glued up for the mud room bench I had the rest of the afternoon to work on this ... got my finger hook drawn out thanks to a gallon can quick cutout with a jigsaw the round over profile ... I think it should work glued up with 2 screws in the back side too ... next time I think I’ll make the drawer out of one color with the face frame different haha. here’s the drawer first put together ... don’t ask me how long it took to figure out the base goes in from the side and not the back due to the way the DTs fit ... I will lie like a dog and say i got it right the first time 🤣
  11. Got some work done here this morning ... tan the glued boards through the planer one last time just to make sure both pairs were good. then glued them all together. then started working on the template for the bench top since it’s not square ... leftover walnut scrap makes for an expensive template haha 🤣
  12. yes I used the domino to help keep the alignment. These were the #6 dominoes
  13. I dont have a picture of where this is going yet, but its the top of an already made bench. Just need to finish it off with some walnut .. Getting things milled down and parts glued together, plus some epoxy to fill some holes. This shop cart is the real MVP ... love this thing!! quick layout ... gluing 2 panels together. Will run through planer tomorrow for final few passes .. finishing the night off with some epoxy ..
  14. so I have the drawer face ... from the cutoffs of my bench build that started. However, I am not sure how to mill these ?? They are about 11-12" long so I think too short to send through the planer ??
  15. yep it was a great tool while it lasted. I enjoyed it and that is why I already ordered 2 more 1 each (4" and 1 6")
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