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1 hour ago, Kev said:

I think I would be tempted to build a tenon jig for the table saw and then set the blade to the desired angle.

Really looking good!

Yeah I did use the same tenon jig to cut the shoulders. But with the angle I didn’t cross cut the angle on the table saw. 

I’m thinking I might have confused you with the “lot of cuts” comment. What I was referring to was it’s just a lot of parts. With the tenons being offset and angled it is a quite a few different setups. With the parts being 1/2” thick it made for a lot of small short cuts 

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5 minutes ago, Tmize said:

There is no fast way when doing angled tenons that I have found. Question tho with the angle so sharp on a short tenon is there any problem with short grain? 

Oh great job on hand cutting the shoulder. 


It looks sharper than it is. It’s a 10 degree cut so not sure if it will be an issue. These are actually the first angled tenons that I ever have cut so not to sure on it. Was just happy they fit!


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Just now, Tmize said:

10 degrees isn’t bad just looked steeper in the photos. I’ve done them a couple times the angles really make you think about what you are doing. 

Yeah I will agree with that. Definitely a head scratcher. I really haven’t ever played much with m and t. Coming from a cabinet background it’s dados and pocket holes. Furniture is a new challenge for me. I do like it tho! 

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