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Woodenskye (Bryan)

Turning Tool Organization

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Thread transferred from previous forum - Original Post by Kev

Original Post:

As you know, I'm in the process of building a new shop. One of the many reasons I'm excited is that there will be room to get my lathe back in my shop. So, I'm starting to research options for storing turning tools to keep them easily accessible, easily cleanable, and of course, it has to look cool ;)

So, if any of you have any ideas, I'd love to see them here!

Follow Up Posts:

1)  I had no idea you have a lathe. Please don’t get me started  :| . A divorce would mean 1/2 a shop.

2)  I do..  It's currently living in my garage away from all the other tools.    I'm not a good turner by any stretch but, I know enough to make what I need when I need it

3)  Kev, On Nuts fishing rod holder on WTO, someone suggested this being an idea for lathe tool holders. I went to a friends house yesterday to have him turn some mallet handles for me. Nothing for him to do but have me practice on a scrap blank, knocking the corners off. Then on to the real thing. He cut and shaped the first handle and then made/let me do most of the second one. It’s a darn good thing for my bank account and marriage that I don’t have room for a lathe. That was a kick in the butt!

4)  I do enjoy the lathe from time to time.  I'm not a good turner by any means but, I can do well enough to pull off what I need.  I'll figure out my tool options once things are settled in the new shop..  Lots of ideas but, standing and working in the final space will drive me to my final solution.

5)   know I am late on this, but last month I decided to solve some of my lathe problems.  I bought the lathe used and it came with a very user unfriendly stand.  It had no storage and was very "tippy", I had my tools in one cabinet, the chuck, centers in another, and more stuff in a drawer.  It was driving me nuts, so I decided to build a cabinet to store everything.  I don't like the tool storage that hangs on a wall, because the only wall space near the lathe was directly behind the lathe with would make reach over a running lathe to grab a tool.  I ended up adding 10 drawers to the cabinet where I can store all of the lathe related stuff.  I built the cabinet long enough so there is space on the right to lay up to 6 tools I am using on any particular project in easy reach.  The centers, and drill chuck store on top of the cabinet again within easy reach.  I am using 2 of the drawers to store smaller wood blanks.  I haven't finished laying out how I am going to organize the calipers, chuck jaws, cole chuck etc.. but it is all going to fit.  I went to FastCap and bought several sheets of their 1/2 in foam, that were 50% off, and will use that when I finally get the time, (after Christmas) to finish the organization.  I still have to add a shelf and door to center of the cabinet, but I will do that at the same time.

Pictures of old and new stand below.

6)  I really like this!

Have you had any issues with getting dust and debris in the drawers? Knowing me, I'd forget to close the drawers tight..lol

I agree that I don't like reaching over a running lathe to grab a tool! I was thinking about a pull out cabinet similar to what you did that would sit next to the lathe when I'm using it.

Definitely some cool ideas there that I have full intention of shamelessly stealing!

7)  Yea I occasionally leave a drawer open, but that is why I have a shop vac.   I have to clean the lathe regularly anyway because it makes such a mess.  I really haven't found a downside to this yet.  My #2 son showed up for a few days and we are turning some pens for Christmas,  even standing next to him while he was learning there weren't any problems.  

8  Thanks Bob!

You're correct in that turning is a messy business! I put 2 drops over the lathe area in hopes of battling that mess! One to collect at the tool when I'm working and another just for clean up.

I really appreciate your pictures and explanation!

9)  I forgot to add that I was going to make this 12" longer so I could put my tormek to make sharpening easier, but I didn't have the shop space. Shouldn't be a problem for you....yes I am jealous!

10)  I haven't yet decided where my Tormek is going to live but, the lathe area certainly springs to mind

11)  Speaking of spring, we’re now into summer. Have you had the opportunity to utilize this or your lathe since building it?

12)  Well, I've been home for about 4 days and was out of videos when I got here.  So, no, I haven't had the chance to use the new station yet.

I have finished up a couple videos as well as got the new grinder and sharpening station set up.  I have a couple more videos to get through and then I hope to have some time to get to the new lathe station!

13)  I often forget that a bunch of your editing and posting are done when you are on the road.

14)  No worries..  I did get the Ashley Harwood tools added to the cabinet..  I'll try and grab pictures a little later and get it posted up here..

15)  Speaking of lathes. Mine lives in its very own special spot that I set up in my Car garage. I have a sheet of aluminum behind it to protect the wall. Sheets of ply on the ends to keep the dust and chips to that area and I have one of those thick rubber fatigue mats in front to stand on. Makes your feet feel loved when you stand on that mat.

16)  I've had my lathe sitting in this position for about 6 years now. All i need now is someone to show me how it works. :o

17)  Best way is to chuck something up and go at it..

18)  I couldn't help myself and had to throw that in. Because who would go to all that effort to get the perfect setup for their spinny machine and then not use it.







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